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Summer in Belize

Belize Summers at Banyan Bay

There is a common misconception of what summer is like on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Some of our best diving, and fishing, happens in June, July and August. When relaxing in the shade of a palapa or a coconut tree our trade winds will keep you cool. Our average temperatures in the summers are around 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

 The Perceptions & Realities of a Belizean Vacation



The temperatures are higher in Belize than in the US during the summer months. In Belize temperatures are comparable to many places in the USA during the summer months.

 Rainy Season

It is “Rainy Season” and it will be raining all the time! Belize has two seasons, wet and dry. The summer months are in the wet season, but rainfall varies significantly by location in the country. Periodic showers, usually at night, make this the “green season”. The rain showers during the day are usually brief and intermittent and do not normally hamper outdoor activities.


It is hurricane season and travelers should avoid coming to Belize during these months. Yes, it is hurricane season from June until mid-November. However, historically, most hurricanes occur between August and October in Belize. Hurricanes form over a period of several days and even weeks. The path of the storm is tracked and predicted using the latest technology which enables the areas to be affected ample time to prepare for the storm. Thanks to NEMO (National Emergency Management Organization), Belize has a thorough emergency plan ready to be enacted in the event of a hurricane.


Since it is summer, there will be crowds, lines and lots of people. Contrary to summer travel in the US and other parts of the world, Belize is not crowded during the summer months. Actually, with a population of only 250,000 people it is never crowded, even with tourists! The “high-season” for travelers in Belize is during the fall and winter months, when it is cold in the north. The summer months are the slower times of the tourist season and thus offer discounts, deals and lower rates for travelers!
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Location June July August
High Low High Low High
Belize 72 85 72 85 73 87
Miami 65 94 70 96 69 94
New York 62 79 68 84 67 82
Los Angeles 60 77 63 82 64 83


Trade winds and the shade of coconut trees offer refuge and comfort along coastal areas. Inland, the jungle canopy, rolling hills, fresh water rivers and waterfalls provide relief from the heat where to hide weed in car.

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