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Meet our Accountant, Assir – The finance guy!
Meet our Accountant, Assir – The finance guy!

Assir Tzul, an Orange Walk Town native who relocated to San Pedro twenty-one years ago, has been Banyan Bay’s financial service veteran for over eighteen years and counting. Tzul, who started his tenure with the company as book keeper, propelled his status to become the company’s current senior accountant. With responsibility to oversee the Company’s hotel accounting and procurement; Tzul is highly skilled in internal audit and leads a team of financial professionals who handle all of the resort’s financial needs, including financial reporting, assessment billings and collections, and complete accounting services.

In this August feature, we are excited to have him at the helm of all things financial and we thought you ought to know him a little better…

1. In your view, how has Banyan Bay evolved over the years? (then and now comparison)

Answer: One of the biggest evolution has been the change that the social media and internet now play in almost every aspect of the travel industry.  The room pricing structure from what was the normal travel agent type based commission, to now more modern and innovative way of pricing rooms to increase occupancy.

2. What motivates you on a daily basis?

Answer: To know that the current status of the operations continue to improve daily, with increase occupancy, new restaurant, creative ideas, dedicated employees and sound management.

3. What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

Answer: Having that job security which affords me the ability to financially sustain my family and earn a livelihood.  That we are able to perform and carry on well under the current ownership.

4. What would you say your greatest achievement is during your tenure here?

Answer: I would say achievement in the making, as am finally seeing the expansion of the project in the final stage.  While the current expansion differs, it was always the intention of the previous owner to expand the project.

5. What do you plan on accomplishing in the next year?

Answer: I would say continue to appreciate the ongoing expansion / development into reality and with our new systems coming online, learning it and maximize its use to improve all areas of revenue.

6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Answer: I enjoy fishing, especially deep fishing and participating in local in international tournaments.

Outside of work, Tzul is a jovial, easy going persona and is happily married to Wife Victoria Avalos and has 4 children.


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