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How to Do the Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Tour from Ambergris Caye

The ruins of Lamani are one of the largest and most impressive Mayan centers in Belize. Measuring almost 1000 acres in size, the metropolis of Lamanai is unique because the original name for the city has been preserved, derived from a Mayan term for “submerged crocodile”. The city is aptly named as more than 800 excavated buildings feature a recurring crocodile motif in the architecture and carvings onsite. Believed to have been founded more than 3,500 years ago, today visitors can marvel at a large crocodile limestone mask at the entrance to the city, eight huge plazas and the remains of an ancient harbor.

Your tour of Lamani will begin sharply at 7:00 am at the docks of Banyan Bay. From there, visitors will take a boat across the sea and then inland via two rivers. Along the way, a rich panoply of wildlife can be seen, including crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks, iguanas, tropical birds and monkeys. Breakfast will be served on board the boat while the guides answer questions and point out interesting landmarks along the way.

Arriving at the Lamanai ruins, visitors will disembark and head to the Lamanai visitor center and museum where artifacts and ceremonial objects are displayed. From there, the tour will head deeper into the city, arriving at the Mask Temple, a unique sacred building covered in intricately-carved religious masks. From there, the tour continues to the southern part of the ruins where a massive temple measuring more than 108 feet (33 meters) rises above the landscape. From there, the tour continues to one of the most interesting ball courts ever found in a Mayan site. Although it has the largest areas for spectators ever discovered, the playing court itself is very small. Underneath the scoring area, a strange pot was found that once contained a collection of smaller pots and filled with liquid mercury.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Lunch will be provided for tour members on site. Other interesting sites to explore at Lamanai include the formal royal Mayan residences, churches and other buildings erected by the Spanish during the colonial era, and thatch homes once used by the common people.

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