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Lamanai Belize

The ruins of Lamanai are one of the largest and most impressive Mayan centers in Belize. Measuring almost 1000 acres in size, the metropolis of Lamanai is unique because the original name for the city has been preserved, derived from a Mayan term for “submerged crocodile”. The city is aptly named as more than 800 excavated buildings feature a recurring crocodile motif in the architecture and carvings onsite. Believed to have been founded more than 3,500 years ago, today visitors can marvel at a large crocodile limestone mask at the entrance to the city, eight huge plazas and the remains of an ancient harbor.

Your private boat takes you on a southern ride as your day begin, landing you on the mainland of Belize. Your adventure unfolds as you ride 6 miles up the Haul Over Creek enjoying a delicious local breakfast of Johnny Cakes, Fresh Fruit and Juice. You then hop into a van and ride for approximately 1 hour on the Pan American Highway to the Northern Part of our country. Your trip changes as you start getting into the Indiana Jones type activity; a boat ride up the New River to Lamanai! Along the way you see un-spoilt natural environments and habitats of many different birds, crocodiles, turtles, bats and many different trees and orchids. Upon getting to the site, you have lunch and explore the mysteries of the once powerful civilization that blossomed in this region. After your tour we head back to our beautiful Caribbean Sea and to San Pedro!!!!

  • Minimum for Confirmation Regular Trips 8Pax, Private Tours 2Pax
  • Price US$175.00 (rate is for Regular trips and Private trips)
  • (Guests need to pay US$5.00 for park entrance).
  • All Day Tour Leaves at 7am and Returns at 6pm
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch (PRIVATE TOUR includes Lunch only)
  • Drinks: water, sodas, rum punch and beers (Items not included on Private tour)

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