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How to Have the Perfect Ambergris Caye Honeymoon!


Ambergris Caye: Best Honeymoon Destination in Belize

All honeymooning couples have a style of their own. Some prefer to spend all of their time alone to wind down from wedding madness while others can’t wait to paint the town red when they reach their destination. Some like to meet other honeymoon couples and indulge themselves in the ambiance of their destination. Others would be just as happy to spend their time without seeing a single person outside room service personnel!

Happily, Belize is the epicenter of “do it yourself” honeymoons because no matter how you want to configure your time, you’ll have it your way. Want to make sure you have the best selection of experiences if you do plan to be out and about? Come to Ambergris Caye–and specifically The Villas of Banyan Bay where the staff’s goal is to pamper and care for you. Need more convincing? No problem; just keep reading.

Getting here is a breeze. You hop a flight on your favorite carrier—American, Delta, United and now Southwest from the U.S. or a regional airline—and you’re in Belize in a few hours. The trip to Ambergris Caye from Belize City is fast via water taxi or grab a really short connecting flight to get here.

Your Banyan Bay hosts are honeymoon specialists, so make your wishes known when you check in and they will be granted. Expect beautifully decorated accommodations. All the privacy in the world. Great meals onsite at Rico’s Restaurant and more. There’s a reason Ambergris Caye is a honeymooner’s heaven: the destination just won a World Travel Award for being one of the leading Caribbean vacation spots.

Everyone speaks English so meeting people, asking for directions and arranging for tours requires no translation app during your stay on Ambergris Caye. You’ll run into lots of ex-pats from North America everywhere you go, but there’s a chance your interactions with Belizeans will charm you most because this nation is the smile capital of the Caribbean and friendliness is the order of the day.

Dress for yourself, not for the people you meet. Ambergris Caye, like most of Belize, is the epicenter of casual dress so if you two had enough of wearing formal attire at social events leading up to your wedding and the big day itself, you can pack a small bag of lightweight separates, swimwear, sandals and perhaps one “upgrade” and you’ll be right on point when it comes to your wardrobe.

Travel everywhere in safety and comfort, even if you decide to indulge in every excursion and experience offered by Ambergris Caye tour operators—diving, fishing, snorkeling, rain forests, jungles, wildlife sanctuaries, Mayan ruins and caves. Travel guides are licensed, trained and knowledgeable about the places you visit, so you can relax and enjoy every aspect of your honeymoon itinerary.

Get the privacy you crave, too. Despite so many opportunities to stay active, not every honeymooning couple is eager to see it all and do it all. Banyan Bay suites are romantic and private, so you won’t find a more intimate setting for your first days spent as a married couple. Staff will be happy to hang a “Don’t Disturb” sign on your door, suggest places on Ambergris Caye that are people-free and make sure you have a room service menu!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an unforgettable honeymoon. There’s no charge for wandering Ambergris Caye, enjoying Banyan Bay’s tropical scenery and spending as much time as you like in the pool or on the beach. Bottom line is that there are plenty of wonderful things to do on the Caye and at the resort that don’t require you to open your wallet—after all, you’re here to spend time together wishing, hoping, planning and dreaming, right?

Questions? Send us an email: or call 1-866-352-1163. We will love to help plan your Belize honeymoon vacation! Request more information on our all-inclusive Belize honeymoons.

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