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Fishing in Belize

Belize has some of the best sport fishing around, and most of it can be enjoyed all year long.

A trip to Belize would not be complete without spending some time on the water, and fishing is one of the most popular marine activities that you can enjoy. Whether you are an avid fisherman or you are new to the sport, you will find that Ambergris Caye offers great planned excursions for all skill levels. More than that, Ambergris Caye is one of the premier fishing destinations in the world for bonefish, tarpon and permit; and fly rod fishing is the most popular option for all three species of fish. Keep in mind that some tarpon in the area can weigh as much as 150 pounds, so this is truly the experience that you desire when you go deep sea fishing.

Bonefish are commonly found throughout the waters of Ambergris Caye, and they can be found in water as shallow as one to two feet. Additional fishing opportunities are available in Placencia near the barrier reef that surrounds the coastline. The water here can reach as much as 100 feet deep, creating the ultimate habitat for permit, and making an idyllic fishing spot for you and your family or friends. Tarpon can also be found in this area, and they love to swim in the lagoons and channels created by the reef. The tarpon in this area may reach as much as 60 pounds.

The fishing season runs year-round, but the best time to fish is in May through July. This is prior to the height of hurricane season and after the possibility of winter cold fronts and strong winds has passed. If you are a novice, it is best to fish during this season when the weather conditions are more ideal for fishing. There are English-speaking guides available to take you out for a fun fishing experience each fishing day of the year. These are experts in the local area who can help you to catch a fish, and many have been guiding in the area for more than ten years. Keep in mind that there are normally no more than two passengers in the boat at a time. Be sure to bring your sun block as well as drinks, fruit, a t-shirt, a hat, a beach towel and sneakers with you on your fishing expedition.

Belize Fishing Calendar

Anglers from all around the world are drawn to Belize thanks to its abundance of different gamefish that are present in the waters offshore this small Central American country. Thanks to a fortuitous mix of climate and currents, there are excellent fishing opportunities all year round. Late summer is when huge schools or tarpon pass through while other species are locally present throughout the year.

Here’s a quick look at the fishing calendar in Belize:


Reef fishing is excellent and January is a prime time to fish tarpon and bone fish ranging between 20 and 90 pounds. Reef fishing is also good when the weather is calm.


When the wind is calm, it’s easy to land tarpon in the 20-90 lb. range. Reef fishing can be excellent. Permit fish and bonefish are also plentiful.


Bonefish is very plentiful and it’s still possible to land 20-90 lb. tarpon in and around lagoons. Permit fishing begins to get active. Bonefish in abundance.


Tarpon is having its best month, ranging from 40-100lbs. Bonefish and permit fishing is good, as is reef fishing.


Probably the best month all-around for fishing. It’s normal to see enormous schools of bonefish. Tarpon can be landed from both the reef and the flats.


Bone fishing remains strong, as does tarpon. Reef fishing still quite good.


Calm winds lead to productive catches. Tarpon usually now over 100 pounds, making this period the best time to fish this species. Permit fishing is also excellent.


Tarpon are at peak size and quite aggressive, as are bonefish. Snook is found in large numbers on the flats.


A perfect time to fish for 60-100 lb. tarpon in the flats. Jack crevelle and bonefish still doing good.


The perfect time to land barracudas, bonefish and mid-size tarpon on the flats. Night fishing is the perfect time to land grouper and snapper during their spawning period.

If you’re excited to try your luck in one of the best spots on the planet for diverse saltwater fishing opportunities, a number of tourism and vacation packages are available. Many anglers enjoy basing themselves in Ambergris Caye, an island conveniently located right next to the Belize Barrier Reef. With so many different reef fishing opportunities, anglers can enjoy the art of fishing in one of the most beautiful settings found anywhere

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