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Diving Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll
Diving Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll

There are hundreds of islands offshore of Belize but one of the most beautiful is the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. In the shape of a nearly perfect circle, Lighthouse Reef Atoll is regularly voted as one of the top 10 premiere diving destinations in the world due to the Belize Blue Hole located in the center of the atoll. Formed by the rising waters at the end of the last great Ice Age, the Belize Blue Hole now offers experienced divers the chance to explore exceptionally beautiful underwater canyons.

An atoll is an island or islands of dry land formed by a coral reef. The Lighthouse Reef Atoll’s coral reefs are home to more than 200 species of fish and a spectacular variety of reef types. Ideal for snorkeling, the transparent waters of the reefs in Lighthouse Reef Atoll are a kaleidoscope of marine flora and fauna.

Lighthouse Reef Atoll is one of the most remote and astonishingly beautiful atolls in Belize, located 55 miles offshore from the mainland. The atoll measures 28 miles across and is located inside a 10,000-acre marine reserve. Lighthouse Reef Atoll contains six small cayes, two marine parks, and an underwater marine park that is a popular destination for divers and snorkelers.

Visiting Lighthouse Reef Atoll is ideal for anyone who wants to snorkel or dive and see a plethora of reef types, large marine animals and smaller aquatic species. Famous for its wall dives, the Lighthouse Reef Atoll is an outstanding location to practice underwater photography. The mild currents that make year-round diving and snorkeling so popular have never resulted in a large marine wreck so divers seeking to explore the remains of ancient ships will have to look elsewhere.

Many diving enthusiasts consider the waters of Lighthouse Reef Atoll to be the crown jewels of Belize. The atoll features astonishingly diverse underwater landscapes to explore, including grooves, channels, caverns, caves, gardens and sandy reef-flat areas.

Visit the Lighthouse Reef Atoll

The award-winning resort of Banyan Bay on Ambergris Caye offers tours of the Belize Barrier that include a stop at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The guided tour will visit the very best locations for snorkeling and diving at the atoll.


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