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‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Christmas on Ambergris Caye Belize

Have you ever seen Christmas lights decorating palm trees? Does the idea of spending Christmas in a tiny church where the day is sacred, not commercial, appeal to you? What about spending Christmas Day wrapping your arms around diving equipment instead of unwrapping gifts? If this sounds great, you may wish to trade north winds for tropical breezes by spending your holiday on Ambergris Caye in Belize.

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Introduce Clients to The Villas at Banyan Bay in Belize and Become Their Hero

As a travel agent, you get to know your clients well as you figure out which accommodations best suit their needs and budgets. When kids are involved, your mission can be more difficult—unless you have family-friendly destinations on speed dial, like the Villas at Banyan Bay in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. Make this your go-to resource in Belize and become a travel planning hero in your client’s eyes just by recommending this slice of paradise. Travel is painless, thanks to Belize’s proximity to North America and the growing number of carriers serving the country. Some flights are so short (Just 1.5 hours from Miami), kids rarely have time to check out the bathrooms. Banyan Bay staff will be on hand to meet your clients and see to their in-country travel needs and arrangements. We recommend the water taxi. Kids love it! Accommodations are kid-friendly. At the Villas of Banyan Bay, rooms are both luxurious and child-friendly. Every two- or three-bedroom unit faces the Caribbean Sea, a spectacular site guaranteed to lower the pulse rate of the most frazzled moms and dads. They can the kids for a walk on the beach after unpacking to let them work off some […]

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10 Great Reasons to Visit Belize’s Hot Spot: Ambergris Caye

10 Reasons Why You Have to Vacation in Ambergris Caye We don’t have to tell you that Belize is hot because it’s the reason people keep returning. Belize has its own unique, vibrant, lively epicenter on Ambergris Caye, which is why this hot spot won a 2016 World Travel Award and was named the Leading Destination in the Caribbean. Year-round weather perfection can’t be discounted, nor can the social scene where there’s fun in the sun—and even more fun by night. Need more convincing? How about 10 reasons to visit Ambergris Caye this month? 1. If you love to fish, see how Belize’s current TURF program is revolutionizing the sport of fishing. Thanks to zoning restrictions, Belize waters are home to an abundance of fish, so whether you want to bag the catch of a lifetime or just chill out on the deck of the boat, you’ll enjoy every minute. 2. November on Ambergris Caye remains affordable. Stay at a resort like the Villas at Banyan Bay until mid-December at reduced rates and you might qualify for a fifth night free if you book a four-day stay in a luxurious suite. 3.Celebrate holidays on Ambergris Caye in unique ways by […]

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November in Belize? Yes, Please

Visit Belize & Ambergris Caye in November Allow us to brag about Ambergris Caye Belize, the recipient of recent travel industry excellence awards that have changed the way the traveling public see this romantic, exciting destination. But 2015 travel awards hardly tell the whole story. In fact, temperatures that rarely deviate from warm and warmer make travel to Belize a fabulous choice year-round—but November will hold a special place in your heart if you decide to come then. Keep reading to learn why you should say “Yes, please” to November in Belize. Airfares are affordable. Despite the fact that high season is on the horizon, Southwest Airlines became a game changer by adding daily direct flights to Belize in mid-October, and this has impacted fares posted by American, Delta, United and non-domestic airlines. Why not use this competitive environment to your advantage by flying here in November? Need a place to stay that’s as attractive as those airfares? You couldn’t choose a more luxurious tropical destination than the Villas at Banyan Bay. This resort welcomes families to sprawling, fully furnished, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury accommodations in close proximity to the award-winning Rico’s Restaurant, Seashells Spa and spectacular three-tier pool. […]

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Top things to do in Ambergris Caye Belize

Even a few days away from stressors can put a positive spin on the world, and spending time in Belize at the Villas of Banyan Bay, may be just what the doctor ordered. This lovely resort, located on Ambergris Caye, has all of the serenity you seek, and if you can take advantages of seasonal discounts during low season, even your wallet will smile.

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Belize Wins Big at the 2015 World Travel Awards

And the Winners Are: Ambergris Caye and Placencia! Each October, a festive, world-wide event draws thousands of people dressed in formal finery to an event that receives lots of media coverage. It’s not the Oscars. Nor the Super Bowl—yet this occasion is so eagerly anticipated, it rivals attention footballers receive when they compete for the World Cup. We’re talking about the 2015 World Travel Awards (WTA), a formal affair held in Bogota, Columbia that hosted the crème de la crème of travel professionals. They came together for the 22nd year to heap honors on the top travel destinations and travel industry innovators on the planet. While a number of Belize destinations and organizations were nominated for 2015 World Travel Award honors, expectations were low because the nation’s tourism industry is so new. When it was announced that, in the Central America and Mexico category, Belize had taken not one, but two top prizes, representatives from Belize were beside themselves with joy. Ambergris Caye was named the Leading Destination in the Caribbean for 2015 and Placencia was the top vote getter in the Leading Beach Destination category for 2015. When a nation with a fledgling tourist industry grabs honors away from […]

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Belize is the perfect destination for a family vacation

Banyan Bay Suites is the ideal destination for a family vacation in Ambergris Caye Belize Imagine your perfect family vacation! Does it include strolling along white sandy beaches, going snorkeling and scuba diving, exploring a pristine jungle, going on Indiana Jones-type adventures to ancient Mayan ruins? Do you long for unique and exotic sights? Do you want somewhere that is only a couple of hours from Miami, so you all arrive fresh and cheerful? Do you want your own private getaway – but one that comes complete with a full kitchen, your own hot jacuzzi tub, a TV, free WiFi, and where everyone speaks English? If your answer is ‘All of the above’ then our reply is ‘Banyan Bay Suites”. The resort is nestled on Ambergris Caye Belize which was voted by TripAdvisor as one of the most exotic islands to visit in the world. With fully furnished 2 and 3 bedroom Villas, spectacular views of Belize’s Barrier Reef a few miles offshore, and our full service Rico’s Restaurant, the Villas at Banyan Bay offers this and much more to families vacationing in Belize. Ambergris Caye is one of the most sought-after destinations in Belize because it offers travelers so much […]

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Southwest to start flying to Belize next month

Belize is now less than a month away from the arrival of Southwest Airlines to our shores. The low-budget airline begins operations from Houston on October 15, 2015 and tickets are now on sale. It is now easier to get to Belize with airlines like Southwest flying to Belize in October and Copa Airlines flying from Panama to Belize in December. In addition, other airlines like American Airlines, Delta and United flying to Belize are offering cheaper flights in what has become known as “The Southwest Effect.” Belize continues to be one of the top destinations to visit in Central America and the Caribbean, and one of the top places to visit in Belize is Ambergris Caye, which TripAdvisor recognizes as one of the best islands to visit in the world. Earlier this year Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly announced  that Southwest Airlines will offer nonstop flights to Costa Rica, Belize and Jamaica from Hobby Airport’s international terminal which puts the airline in head-to-head competition with United Airlines, which flies to all those locations from Houston’s larger airport, George Bush Intercontinental, according to Ambergris Today. Southwest Airlines is known for allowing free baggage on your flight (up to two 50lb […]

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