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Altun Ha – The Pride of Belize’s Maya History
Altun Ha – The Pride of Belize’s Maya History

Explore Altun Ha Mayan Ruins on your Belize Vacation

Located just a short drive from Belize City, Altun Ha is one of the most popular ancient Mayan sites to explore for visitors. Just two miles down a dirt track from the Northern Highway, Altun Ha is home to a rich panoply of native wildlife, including foxes, birds, armadillos, crocodiles and deer.

Only rediscovered by archeologists in 1969, today the site is one of the most popular destinations for foreign visitors and locals alike. It is believed that construction on the site first began around 900 BCE but gained prominence during the Early Classic Era. Archeologists have discovered a number of jewelry, shells and other elite items on the site, including more than 800 pieces of jade.

The “Jade Head”, representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau, is the most significant find. At approximately six inches high and weighing over nine pounds, it’s still to this day the largest carved jade object in the whole Maya area.Movie Carol (2015)

Once an important ceremonial center for the Ancient Maya, modern visitors can explore two enormous plazas and marvel at more than a dozen impressive buildings, including the Temple of the Sun God Clicking Here. Also to be seen at Altun Ha is the large Rockstone Pond, a manmade lake dug by the Maya in order to serve as a reservoir. The largest pyramid at Altun Ha is known today as the Temple of the Masonry Altars and measures more than 16 meters (54 feet) high. A drawing of the temple is used as the official logo of the country’s domestic brewer, Beliken Beer.


By car, head north from Belize City using the Northern Highway for approximately 30 minutes. After passing Sandhill Village, take the next left. Approximately 14 miles later, take a left on Rockstone Pond Road and you’ll reach Altun Ha after about two miles.

Hours of Operation

Open every day of the year (including holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Fees and Reservations

The entry fee is BZD $10 for non-residents of Belize.

Want to visit Altun Ha on your vacation? Contact us and we will love to help you book the tour.

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