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10 Reasons to Make the Belize Zoo a Must Do On Your Belize Vacation
10 Reasons to Make the Belize Zoo a Must Do On Your Belize Vacation

The Belize Zoo was started in 1983 and is known as the best little zoo in the world!

Belize Zoo Tour

Regardless of age, people are always fascinated with animals. When visiting a zoo, you would definitely expect to see interesting animals and exhibits. This is absolutely true with the Belize Zoo. A home to rehabilitated, rescued and orphaned wildlife, the Belize Zoo is situated in a 29-acre tropical savanna and exhibits over 170 animals with over 45 species, which are all native to Belize. It is the first nature destination with full accessibility to physically disabled visitors in Belize.

Aside from being acquainted with the jungle life without being in the jungle, here are 13 reasons why the Belize Zoo is a must do during your Belize vacation.

1. To See the Magnificent Animals

The Belize Zoo is the only place where you can see a variety of magnificent animals. All exhibits are located outside, making the spotting of animals easy. With a keen eye, you will easily spot the elusive puma.

2. Natural Habitat

The Belize Zoo is a 100% natural habitat. There is no fake painted concrete that looks like a rock on this zoo. Since the animals are all native to the region, it is only appropriate to them in their native environment. Visitors will find occasional fencing for animal containment.

3. Easy Accessibility

The Belize Zoo is nestled between Belize City and Belmopan. Hence, traveling in or around Belize, the zoo is just right along the way. It is just about 30 minutes away from the city bus station.

4. Nice and Relaxing Half Day Trip

The Belize zoo is huge enough to be interesting, yet small enough for kids to walk through it without feeling tired. It will only take 2 hours to explore the entire zoo.

5. Discover the Most Stinky Animal in Belize

It is not a joke. When you get to a corner and smell something really, really stinky, then you will know that you are near the Peccaries. These animals are known for their distinct fragrance. They are wild animals so you will rarely see them somewhere else.

6. Be Awed by the Magnificent Harpy Eagle

Known as the most beautiful eagle in the world, the Harpy Eagle is incredibly majestic to see in person. It is the most powerful and largest eagle in the world.

7. Experience a Big Boa SmoochWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

With the help of a zoo helper, you will get a chance to get close to big boa and feel her powerful muscles.

8. Spot a Jaguar

Spotting a Jaguar in the jungle can be very rare, yet at the Belize Zoo, it is guaranteed. The Jaguar in the zoo is very famous and friendly.

9. Because You are Generous and Kind

The Belize Zoo is solely relying on entrance fees and sales from souvenir items and snacks and it does not receive any funding from the government. Hence, your generosity will go a long way to help the zoo helpers and feed the animals. A few dollar donations is a huge help.

10. An Overnight Stay at the TEC

The TEC or the Tropical Education Center located inside the zoo offers cabins, dorms and pond houses for visitors to stay. The cost of staying is very reasonable and includes dinner and breakfast.

Make your Belize vacation interesting and memorable by adding the Belize Zoo to your itinerary. To arrange a tour to the Belize Zoo, contact the Bayan Bay concierge today!

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